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Last year (Y2K) I had a big spring clean. I wanted to throw away a lot of the old computer and electronic junk which I had accumulated over the past 15 years. One large box which took up quite some room was full of my old Atari 8-bit computer stuff. I ended up getting the computers out, repairing my broken Atari 800, typing in old BASIC listings, and reading old Atari magazines. Over the past few years I have been given a large number of diskettes containing Atari software from people who have got rid of their systems and the old 5" floppies take up quite a lot of space. It occurred to me that if I could put all the software onto a small hard disk then I could throw away all the diskettes.

Atari Emulators

Around the same time I started reading the comp.sys.atari.8bit news group. From there I found and downloaded all the Atari 8-bit emulators. In particular I was interested to see if I could play my favourite game - Spelunker. Indeed I could. I was very impressed, however the emulators are not perfect.

Earlier Atari Hardware Projects

This isn't my first project to connect a microprocessor to the Atari SIO bus. Back in 1986 I designed my own printer interface. More recently I used a PIC 16C84 to display the SIO commands on a LCD display. Have a look here.

BadSector "A" Project Dairy

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BadSector "A" Hardware & Software

Schematic and C source code can be found here.



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